Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rejuvenate in the lap of nature – a spa treatment for your mind!

Need to relax? Or to clear your thoughts? Or to let go of the stress of everyday life?
Here are some locations within India that are so tranquil and mystical that even 30 minutes spent has great healing power – the sheer healing power of Mother Nature. No electricity, no cell phone signal no bustle around.
A treat to the eyes, silence to the ears, and solitude to the mind is what you would get. With not a soul to be seen as far as eyes can see, become one with the winds, the water, the mountains and the sky only to find yourself transformed. The positive vibes you get from these places is immense; you walk away feeling that life is so beautiful!

1. Porch of the Shashur Gompa, Lahaul overlooking the Lady of Keylong

Take a tour of the lesser known Shashur Gompa (monastery) in Lahaul Valley, Himachal Pradesh. This monastery is accessible from the nearest town of Keylong.
After your tour, come outside on the rear porch of the building, and make yourself comfortable at the edge of the parapet. Facing you would be numerous steep snow-clad peaks, view of glaciers and the mysterious Lady of Keylong. Birds and crickets are the only sounds your hear, and the occasional gong from inside the monastery. If you are lucky you will get a cup of chai from the locals residing in the monastery. Spend as much time here as you want to, and don't forget to explore the untouched slopes with their foot-trails, wildflowers and rare birds.
2. A sunset by the Mawphlang Sacred Grove, Meghalaya
Drive down to the Sacred Grove that has been maintained as a spiritual sanctuary by the local tribes for hundreds of years. The walk around the forest itself is a calming experience. With sounds of only twitter of birds and crackling of twigs under your feet, you get transported to a different world. As soon as you enter the forest the air gets cool (because the sunrays hardly penetrate the thick foliage the year round and the ground is always moist), making your walk a pleasant one. After your exploration, come outside on to the clearing, sit yourself down on the grass or on one of the wooden benches and stare into nothingness. Around you lie miles of open green fields and undulating landscape as far as the eye can see. If you are lucky to be here at sunset, you would witness one of the most breathtaking experiences whatsoever. As the sun starts sliding down the sky, you see a canvas unfold before you. You can continue to spend time here to do star gazing (if you are the adventurous type and can manage without anyone around in the darkness of the night).
 3. The green paddy fields in Divar Island, Goa
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We are all familiar with the hip and happening beach fronts of Goa, but little did we know about the charm of the little Divar Island situated on the delta of the Mandovi river. The lsland is covered with greenery and paddy fields surrounded by the green Ghats in the horizon. Be sure to visit this place in monsoon and stay at a hotel that overlooks the exotic views. You can choose to soak into the scenery from the comfort of your room, or venture outside to take a stroll among the fields. Keep your footwear aside and feel the moisture of the grass under your feet. Watch the rain drops drip along the bright green stems and splash themselves off from the leaves. Stand at the edge of the paddy plantations, and gaze at the cloudy skies that scallop the peaks of the Ghats. All things look so fresh and new that your mind cannot help but get determined for a fresh start!

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